At the top of my appreciation list are all of you who have taken the time 
and gone to the effort to invest in our little project.

And now here are some exciting updates!

WoV The Lost Tapes Vol. 1 is now available on All Scummy On-line Stores 
and All Low-Paying Scummy Streaming Services!

You can fill the coffers of our Insect Online Masters at 
iTunes and Apple Music!

And, golly! 

And if you must have MP3s, we now offer The Lost Tapes Vol. 1 as an additional MP3 download 
on our website right here!  We don't know why some of you requested this, but, hey, it's your money!

And before I say goodbye, I want to let you all know that we are working on The Lost Tapes Vol.2.  
Tentatively titled “Museums” or “Wall of Two Dudes” but, hey... more about that in 2024! 

Until then, please take some time to enjoy life,   

Chas T Gray



Late last December, Andy and I decided to see what was in these old beat-up Voodoo road cases.

After a brief tussle with the locks, we were both stunned to discover a hoard of Wall of Voodoo tapes we had assumed were lost, stolen, or destroyed eons ago. 

Getting over our shock, I scrutinized the rat's nest of dried gaffer tape and ruined cardboard. I figured that the tapes inside couldn’t be any good after all this time and punishment. ‘That’s not true,” Andy said. “I know just the guy who might be able to restore these... by baking them.” That’s right, baking. Not like a cake, but more like Texas brisket, low and slow. 

Enter Bill Smith, a brilliant engineer and producer, who indeed baked and then digitized those old reels. After a few anxious weeks, he called us into the studio and played some rough mixes. Amazed, we asked him on the spot to mix the rest. 

We felt it would only be fitting to revive these live tracks as a tribute to Marc Moreland. His playing on this just shows how exacting, unique, and inventive he was. We are honored to release this album for his family, friends, and our fans: those who knew, loved, and were inspired by him. 

There are 11 live performances from the later years of WoV II. Lyrics, photos, and backstory are included. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as we did putting it together. 

Chas T. Gray
Wall of Voodoo

PS. But wait! There were way more tapes in that surprise cache. 
But that’s all I’ll say... for now!